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[ecf-dev] ECF recent progress for 3.2

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let all know about some progress that's been happening with ECF.

a) Smack 3.1.0

We got IP approval to update to using Smack 3.1.0, and I've applied the patch on bug [1] and released to HEAD, as well as updated the build to use smack 3.1.0. Thanks to Roland Matha, Jorg Rathlev, and Jive/Matt Tucker for help in the transition.

This change to smack 3.1.0 makes possible the immediate addition of the Google summer of code contributions for Google services [2] from Nuwan Sam, as well as the work from GSOC on Jingle and SIP support from Harshana Eranga Martin [3]. Nuwan and Harshana are both new ECF committers! (wecome and congratulations). I would like to now move forward with adding the work from these projects to ECF as quickly as possible.

b) AOL/ICQ provider contribution

ECF contributor Pavel Samolisov has agreed to contribute work on an AOL/ICQ provider to ECF at the ECF OSU Open Source Lab site [4]. Thanksinadvance Pavel!

c) Newsreader Contribution

Is coming along very nicely [5]. Again the code is being homed at the Osu Open Source Lab site until everything about the contribution is ready. Thanks (and inadvance) to Wim Jongman


Thanks to Dann Martens, and Clarke Hobbie, the ECF IPC contribution is moving forward [6].

e) Declarative Services + ECF remote services example/tutorial

Thanksinadvance to Bryan Hunt, who has agreed to contribute example and some docs for use of ECF remote services with OSGi declarative services [7]. He's already got a blog posting/tutorial on this as well [8]

f) Transition to Remote Services from RFC 119

Good technical progress on this. See [9] for details. In short, it should be done within the next week. Also see design questions described in [10]...and please comment if you have a view on these questions in [10]!

g) Google Wave Provider

Good progress being made on provider bundle(s) on ECF OSU Open Source Lab site. See [11] for details.

h) Hudson and Buckminster-based build changeover

Very good progress here, thanks to work by Markus Kuppe, and Ted Kubaska...with support/bug fixes from Thomas Hallgren (Buckminster lead...thanks Thomas!). We are now building all of ECF with the Hucky build (as I call it...until someone gives me a better name :). We're pretty much ready to turn over our old build off completely and use this build from here on out (yay!).

i) Documentation

More ECF example docs (Load Balancing Remote Services [12], File-based Discovery [13], TweetHub [14]). And more to come, of course. If you are able/willing to write something up showing your use of any part of ECF, this can/will be added to the wiki-based please consider doing so. Real-world usage docs/examples are a terrific way to contribute to ECF.

If I've missed or forgotten something please say so that I and everyone knows about it. Thanks to everyone for continuing to move ECF forward...and please keep up the good community work!



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