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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: newsreader contribution

Scott et-al,

We need classes to disect the mime body out of news postings and decode Q-encoded ascii. These are in ASF's mime4j but this is not in orbit.  If we want to remove the dependency on mime4j (because that is not in Orbit) we have to add in the dependency on javax.mail which has a dependency on javax.activation (two bundles instead of one). 

I removed the core dependencies on these packages altogether. That means that we have a core that fetches bare bones news. All processing of mime and utf must be done in an additional bundle closer to the UI. 

This means, that for now, we have moved the problem of UTF decoding and attachments on FOUNDATION 1.1 devices to the guys that want to program on these things. That gives us the room to program this layer against jvm 1.4.2 

I have therefore ditched javax.mail (overly complicated) and moved back to apache mime4j which we have to get in the Orbit project. I don't know what that means legally but I can wrap the library (which is from apache)

I now have a tasty bowl of spaghetti and also a sample project that teaches the basics of the nntp client handling.  

I cannot remove the javax bundles from the CVS newsread/bundles repos. Please remove them for me if you can.

Next step is to start the legal process? In parallel i want to ECF-ify the protocol but I could use some pointers on how to do that.



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