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Re: [ecf-dev] documentation on REST API for ECF

Hi Holger,

Now that you are a committer :), perhaps we could move the Twitter REST example code into the dev.eclipse.org CVS and create a couple of wiki pages that expose some 'getting started with ECF's REST API' information on the ECF wiki area.

I think that there probably are/will be others that would like to use the ECF REST work (as well as some of the additions that are planned), so I suspect that anything we can do to make getting started easier...e.g. having some more good examples...will be most valuable. If you want help with doing this please let all know.



Holger Staudacher wrote:
Hi David,
nice to hear that you want to use the REST API. Currently only the API (+tests) are in the ECF repository. I have implemented some samples which you can find at osuosl [1]. Take a look at the Twitter tests. I hope this will help you, if not please feel free to ask here in the mailing list.

Regards Holger

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/REST_abstraction_for_ECF#Getting_the_source

Am 05.10.2009 um 12:18 schrieb David Donohue:

I am interested in using ECF via the REST protocol.  I have not seen
much documentation.  Example snippets of code would be helpful.  In
addition to standard ECF communication, I am interested in how an ECF
REST server could be contacted by non-ECF REST clients, and how an ECF
REST client could contact non-ECF REST server?  Also, which ECF APIs
are supported?
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