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RE: [ecf-dev] ECF Helios plan

Hi all,

here are some ideas on useful enhancements:

a) Extended JMS support
Concretely it would be:
- allow to configure JMS options like persistence, time-to-live, etc. on
a service-level.
- extend JMSContainerManager to manage multiple topics at the same time.
- enable usage of queues for Request-Reply communication between OSGi
services and clients 

b) Extend D-EventAdmin capabilities
Concretely it would be:
- allow to differentiate between events for local and/or remote
distribution (current impl tries to distributed any event so we got a
lot of NotSerializableExceptions for standard framework events)
- optimize filtering: filter already in JMS broker -> prevent
unnecessary communication

c) Improve D-OSGi / Remote Services 
Concretely it would be:
- enable declarative configuration of service exposure / consumption
(service properties / configuration tell which container type, port,
topic name etc. to use)
- enable smart proxies (e.g fail-over proxies which transparently
discover and call another service instance if one failed; e.g.
load-balancing proxy which balances the invocations amongst available
service instances)


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> Hi Folks,
> If people have things to propose for the ECF Helios release plan
> make them known immediately.  I (Scott) am revising/updating the plan
> over the next few days and would like to get everyone's input.
> So please respond to this email with your proposed plan items.
> Also...please don't forget some thoughts about the resources to
> implement.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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