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Re: [ecf-dev] Jabber Chat Room List

Hi Guiseppe,

Giuseppe Santoro wrote:

I have tested ECF with my jabber account (test@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:test@xxxxxxxxxx>). In the user-to-user comunication i haven't problem. I have 2 problem when ECF get the list of chat rooms: 1. In the "XMPPConnection", host is instead of and for this motive it does not return the list but an error.

Could you explain further? I assume that the chat room host, but the IM account is test@xxxxxxxxxx?

2. When "RoomInfo" constructor get the discovered extended information don't find "muc#roominfo_description" and "muc#roominfo_subject" fields and throw NullPointerException.

I suspect that both of tthese are due to some issues with ECF communication specifically with the server(s), as I don't get this behavior with the Wildfire server.

Would you please open a bug report for this, and include the stack trace for the NPE that you are seeing (from Eclipse log). Also, if there's a public/test account at a chat room that shows this problem with that public account please let us know on the bug (so others can reproduce what you are seeing).



Thanks and sorry for my english :)

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