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Re: [ecf-dev] file-based discovery contribution

Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I've committed the Siemens-contributed file-based discovery bundles to
> the ECF CVS repo at  These implement file-based
> allow remote service descriptions to be accessed via an
> xml file on the client.
> I've added the code to the repository, and to the ECF 3.1 mapfile and
> core feature and so will be included as part of ECF 3.1 release.  See
> the project set files in the ECF releng project [1] to get access to the
> projects/source.
> Thanks to Siemens, Philip Konradi, Viktor Ransmayr, and Thomas Kiesslich
> for the contribution.
> Scott
> [1] module:  /cvsroot/rt project:
> org.eclipse.ecf/releng/org.eclipse.ecf.releng

Thanks Scott for doing this. Are you also going to remove the old code
from OSU?


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