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Re: [ecf-dev] Distributed EventAdmin Service

Hi Roshan,

I've done some testing, and determined that the current EventAdmin filtering works fine/ok. What was wrong with your EventHandler service property is that the EVENT_FILTER creation should look like this:

props.put(EventConstants.EVENT_FILTER, "("+EventConstants.EVENT_TOPIC+"="+topic+")");

with this way of defining the event filter the EventAdmin matching works just fine.

I've added this code to the example (, and will include something like it in the test case.



roshan joseph wrote:
Could someone let me know whether the distributed eventadmin service support filters? I was trying to add a filter condition to the eventhandler code in the properties object, but the event handler is found no response to the filter. In the testeventhandler code I have added another line like
before registering the eventhandler. Events with different topic names are also processed by the handler. Really appreciate all help in advance. Thanks & Regards,


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