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Re: [ecf-dev] Foundation 1.0

Hi Wim,

Wim Jongman wrote:

I have downgraded the NNTP code to Foundation 1.0 and everything compiles fine. I had to throw out loads of for(x y : z) code and also my generics which is a bloody shame especially for the model. But alright, running this code on my watch is a charming idea... However, I am using other stuff like stringbuilders and regex which only appeared in 1.4. Do I have to throw this out as well or can these be added as libraries to the Foundation 1.0 platforms?

Deploying them as libraries to add to Foundation 1.0 ees is not at all straightforward. However, I would suggest that you move things down to as far as can be comfortably accomodated (e.g. either Foundation 1.1or to JRE 1.4). Especially since ECF core (and indeed Equinox 3.5) depends upon Foundation 1.1 ee as minimum.


Best regards,


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