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[ecf-dev] TweetHub Progress Update


Unfortunately we didn't get much done for TweetHub during August. However, Marcelo and I are hoping that we can start getting some more features in over the next few weeks.

In particular, we are thinking it would be good to make a release of TweetHub available to users on Sept 9 (9/9/9 has a nice symmetry to it). While this release wouldn't be full featured, it could be a good opportunity for people to submit requests for their ultimate Twitter client, and help direct our effort to be even better.

I'd like to get the opinions of those on this list, to see if this would be a worthwhile excercise and would make it easier for the wider development community to see what we're up to?

I've updated the wiki [1] with some thoughts of what we need to fix before it's really useful for other users. Any additions you might have would be great.



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