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[ecf-dev] Completion of GSoc Project Goals of the Project SIP VoIP Implementation for ECF

Hi All,

I have completed the project SIP VoIP provider implementation for ECF under the Google summer of Code '09. I have covered all the original project goals and continuing work for the extended project goals.

Here are the VoIP functionalities support from this provider.

  1. Register in a Sip register server
  2. Call Initiation to another SIP end point
  3. Cancel the initiated call before conversation establishment
  4. Hangup the initiated call
  5. Receiving Calls from other SIP end points
  6. Answering the received the Call
  7. Reject the received call
  8. Hangup the received call
I have created JUnit test cases to cover above functionalities with the SIP provider. Since SIP is only a signaling protocol, I have created a RTP implementation using FMJ media library.

You can find the source code from the project's Google code repository and You can find the SIP VoIP project page at here.

 The testing guide can be found here.

Please follow the Project page and Testing guide for project testing and tentative project plan.

Thanks and Regards,
Harshana Martin

Harshana Eranga Martin
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University Of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.


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