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Re: [ecf-dev] Inquiring about the effects of vserver reboot...

For everyone's information

I've created a new ECF Generic Server.product (in org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic bundle...on HEAD), and used it to build/deploy and run a linux version of the application on ecftcp://

So this ECF generic server is again running on 3282 on It was started with a shell command (i.e. rather than a rc.d/init.d start script), so Pierre the start script still needs to be created and installed before the rebuild of Also, with the ECF Generic Server.product, along with the Eclipse delta pack, a new server can be easily reconfigured and built for deployment/use on


Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Pierre,

Thanks very much for volunteering. WRT the JGroups server...sure...I don't see any problem with that. The main issue will probably be that there are only a few ports available/open through firewall for (e.g. 3282...used for the ECF generic server and a few others...although we can ask for other ports to be opened). And I don't expect that multicast will be supported with wan access (but perhaps it will be for some lans).

In any event, it would be great with me if we ran any/all of these as servers on

1) ECF generic server (i.e. ecftcp:// Entry point bundle/class name (NOTE: this class is a java application...*not* eclipse application): org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic/ There is also an eclipse IApplication: There is no product file for this, but it would make sense to make one (I just haven't done so yet).

2) ECF JavaGroups manager. Entry point bundle/class name (eclipse IApplication): org.eclipse.ecf.server.jgroups/org.eclipse.ecf.internal.server.jgroups.JGroupsManager. There's also a product file to build/deploy a JGroupsManager (JGroups Manager.product).

3) ECF ActiveMQ manager: Entry point bundle/class name (eclipse IApplication): org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jms.activemq/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jms.activemq.application.ActiveMQJMSServer. There's also a product file to build/deploy a ActiveMQ manager (ActiveMQ Manager.product).

The only one that I've been counting on running again is the first one (ECF generic server). I had/was just starting it from the shell, but a proper startup script should probably be created for it (i.e. something to go in rc.d/init.d) so that the server starts up on system startup. Note that the ServerApplication and the other IApplication classes has a little bit of usage info for the command line parameters/system properties.

Pierre if you don't already have shell access to to do this work please let me know and I'll add you (please let me know what you want for username on that system). It is a login *separate* from and all the rest of logins (i.e. it's not bugzilla login, committer login or anything like that). If at a certain point you want/need root access (or sudo) we can get that.



Pierre Henry Perret wrote:

Volunteering for that.

Is it possible to set up a JGroups server  on it ?

Probably yes. What are the logins to use ?



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