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Re: [ecf-dev] ContainerTypeDescription cannot be null

Hi Scott,

How I can help with update? How open an enhancement request?
I think that this example it`s simple for learn and help other people or Should I choose other example? What`s?


On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Razec,

Regrettably, we've not kept the rcpchat example code up-to-date...and the container type identified/hard coded in the rcpchat app is no longer correct.

If you would please open an enhancement request (to update rcpchat to ECF 3.0) we will attempt to get to updating it.  Either that or we could deprecate/remove rcpchat from distribution.



Razec wrote:
Hi all,

So, I have studied ECF and I'm trying run example called: org.eclipse.ecf.example.rcpchat download ( <>).

But when I click in ECF -> connect appear following error: ContainerTypeDescription cannot be null

org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerCreateException: ContainerTypeDescription cannot be null
   at org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerFactory.throwContainerCreateException(
   at org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerFactory.createContainer(
   at org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerFactory.createContainer(
   at org.eclipse.ecf.example.rcpchat.wizard.XMPPConnectWizard.init(


I checked the class and didn't find error.

// Create the wizard dialog
       IContainer container = null;
       try {
           container = ContainerFactory.getDefault().createContainer("ecf.xmpp.smack");
                 } catch (ContainerCreateException e) {
           MessageDialog.openError(this.window.getShell(), "Create Error", "Could not create XMPP container.\n\nError: "+e.getLocalizedMessage());
       XMPPConnectWizard connectWizard = new XMPPConnectWizard();
       connectWizard.init(getWorkbench(), container);

Does someone have any idea?

Thanks advance...



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