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Re: [ecf-dev] Tracking Docshare usage

Hi Dennis,

Thanks very much for your note. My apologies in getting back to you so slowly.

Yes, we are interested in usage, although as you describe below we haven't put in any instrumentation for docshare yet. I've opened an enhancement request to that effect here:

If you could, please join the bug and indicate there (in comment) what information you would like to get...i.e. high-level (docshare started/stopped), or lower-level (messages).

RE: a contribution...any contributions would be very welcome! If you create a patch and attach it to that enhancement request we (one of the committers working in this area...which are Marcelo, Mustafa, and me/Scott) will apply the patch, test, and then release. Any contributinos are automatically under EPL (just wanted to make this clear).

Any such contributions (whether code, docs, testing results, etc) are *always* welcome and will get very high priority (in case it's not obvious, we are a relatively small group of dedicated folks...most working on ECF part-time).

If you wish to create a patch, and want to make sure that we aren't making lots of changes on other things while working on it, please indicate that you are working on a patch in a certain area on the bug/enhancement request, and we will attempt to avoid doing things that would make it harder to contribute.

Please be sure to work from the HEAD/ECF 3.0 stream.



devaughn wrote:

I am about to roll out the shared editing in my company but one thing is holding it up right now from going out, and that is being able to track the usage. I don’t know if this is something that you would be interested in tracking via the epp usage data collection or not. <>

I noticed that just listening for the command to be executed is not the best way since it does not mean that it is necessarily the Doc share functionality. So my next thought was to add a listener to, the IChannelListener looks like it would do the trick but only one is allowed and it is already set. So it would mean create my own listener and patch the DocShare class to fire an event when localStartShare or localStopShare is fired. I want to contribute this as a patch but I want to know that this is is something that could be accepted? Do you have something different in mind?


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