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Re: [ecf-dev] State of the 119 distribution part

Hi Jan,

Rellermeyer Jan Simon wrote:
Did anything odd happen to the CVS? I could not commit my changes
because CVS complained that my version is not on the server, so I
checked out the distribution plugin again and my changes are gone.

I think that the EF admin folks might be doing some work right now (see notices sent this afternoon).

<stuff deleted>

One thing that crossed my mind: We should be able to get a unique
identifier for each registered service that can be used to pass it to
the discovery provider. I think, currently the
IRemoteServiceRegistration only returns a container ID but not a
"service id". Looks like we have to extend the API here.

Like the OSGi property, there is a remote service id property (an integer...that is unique within a particular container's set of registered services). It's service property '' defined in org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.Constants.SERVICE_ID.

But if we still need to add something to the API to accomplish what's needed then so be it.


<stuff deleted>


We'll be performing some maintenance on our storage/database servers Sunday, Feb 15 starting at 9:00am ET. The previously reported Bugzilla upgrade will be postponed while we deal with this issue. This maintenance will be to solve the File Locking issue (reported last week) and to update the server OS on those systems.

Most of the services will either be put in Read-Only mode (if supported), or they will be shut down during this maintenance period.

CVS and SVN: Read Only (commits will fail with "read-only filesystem") largely unaffected
Wiki: Read Only
Bugzilla: Shut down
EPIC/Live: Shut down
Build: Read Only

The maintenance should last no longer than four hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


and today


Some server maintenance we have performed over the weekend didn't go as smoothly as planned; as a result, we are currently only running one file/database server instead of the usual two.

Although database data (bugzilla, wiki pages, etc) is synced in realtime, file sync is not realtime, and therefore the current CVS/SVN/download data being used may be a few hours behind the failed server's data. I recommend you sync your workspaces and downloads area as soon as you can.

We'll be working on restoring our secondary file/database server this week, but expect a noticeable performance degradation across all our services (especially bugzilla) while we're only running a single storage server.

On a related note, disk space has reached a critical level of 94% used, with only 54G of free disk space for CVS, SVN and the downloads/archives area. Although we have a few terabytes of new storage, the current server failure is interfering with our efforts to put it into production. Anything you can do to free up disk space in the download/archives areas will definitely help us avoid a "No more space left on device" error.

I suspect everything should be back to normal towards the end of the week.

Thanks for your cooperation,


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