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Re: [ecf-dev] New ECF contributor and filetransfer/httpclient

Scott Lewis wrote:
> So soon we will need to include these bundles in the automated tests (as
> other automated tests that Henrich is working on will use this code). 
> But we don't need to actually run these automated tests yet (they are
> intended as test support bundles).

Regular test bundles only need to be added to
org.eclipse.ecf.tests_feature to be deployed on the test machine.
PluginBuilder will find all JUnit tests on the classpath automatically.
Bottom line, if the support test bundles contain JUnit tests, they will
be executed once added to tests_feature. If that isn't acceptable, we
would have to tell PluginBuilder (via a regexp) to exclude them.

> *Henrich Kraemer from IBM is now going to be contributing work on the
> filetransfer API and httpclient provider (at least)...with code to
> support immediately responsive cancellation, more sophisticated
> authentication, more filetransfer testing (with faulty/slow
> servers) order to increase the robustness of the httpclient-based
> filetransfer provider in support of Galileo.  Please welcome Henrich to
> the team...and I'll speak for everyone to say:  thanks Henrich (and IBM)
> for contributing to ECF!!

Hi Henrich, good to have you on the team.


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