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Re: [ecf-dev] Understanding the Eclipse ECF

In addition to what Markus said, it's also useful to consult the test code for the area where you have interest (e.g. filetransfer). The test bundles are in:



Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Razec wrote:
hi all

I am trying to understand the Eclipse ECF, This moment I`m trying
learning Send and receive message. But I don`t know where to start.
I tried unit test but i haven't success. Someone know if exist some
hello world step by step ?

Hi Razec,

what parts of ECF are you interested in? Speaking about send/receive, it
sounds like you want familiarize yourself with filetransfer.
Unfortunately ECF falls somewhat short in that area when it comes to
examples. :( But then p2 uses filetransfer nowadays at might as well act
as an example for you. :)
For other parts of ECF you can find examples in CVS under
org.eclipse.ecf/examples/bundles and


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