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[ecf-dev] Where's Mustafa?

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let everyone know...particularly the folks working on docshare and/or sync API/cola, that Mustafa is finishing up his exams *this week* (week of 2/2/2009), and will be returning to working on ECF docshare/sync API/cola enhancements for Galileo/Eclipse 3.5 as of next week (week of 2/9/2009).

There are several pending enhancements (e.g. these two in particular but others as well):

There are several other things also
That are pending and these are *not* being neglected...those of us ECF committers previously working on docshare (Marcelo, Mustafa, Scott, Remy) have to coordinate with each other and with our non-ECF commitments (aka work)...but with your help we will be addressing as many of these ideas and issues as possible...for EclipseCon 2009 and for Galileo. We are very enthusiastic about making docshare more functional, and more extensible to meet various needs.

Thanks for patience...and if we appear to go silent on you for whatever reason...please say something! (via bug/enhancement and/or this mailing list, or the newsgroup).


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