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Re: [ecf-dev] Preliminary tests results from automated test execution

Hi Markus,

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Hi, shows preliminary test results from the new
automated test execution. Please have a look and tell me what's wrong with:


These errors were due to the ContainerAbstractTestCase requiring usernames and passwords...even when they aren't used. I've fixed this and committed the change to head (in ContainerAbstractTestCase, which is in org.eclipse.ecf.tests).


This is looking for and not finding a file 'test.txt' in the plugin's directory. test.txt is use for the file sender tests.


For the sender test failure it's also the missing test.txt file. For the RetrieveTest failure it was a problem with the RetrieveTest implementation, which I've fixed and committed to HEAD.


This test requires a System property -Durl=<some value> for a remote file accessible via scp. For example:


Note that this assumes username 'slewis' account on, and a file 'test.txt' in slewis' home directory. Also required is a System property 'password' with the password (or passphrase) to use for accessing slewis' account (or whatever account is used for testing).

The url and password system properties have to be set for both the retrieval and the sending. The test sender sends the file test.txt expected to exist in the working directory.


This is because the following system properties must be set:



The only failure I seem to see when I run these tests locally is a failure on the testJMDNSServiceTypeIDWithIPv6 test case...but it's just implemented to fail immediately:

   public void testJMDNSServiceTypeIDWithIPv6() {
final String serviceType = ""; fail("Not implemented yet, don't know how to handle this service type " + serviceType + " if it even is one");

As for the others, I'm not showing any other errors on my tests on windows I'm not immediately sure what's going on on the test machine.


This test plugin needs usernames and passwords (at least two) similar to the


 test above.

Also, the tests require a chat room that's named with the system property<room name>

There's a chat room named 'ecf' on right now, so works. But this can be any chat room that is on the given server.


The first r-OSGi tests seem to hang...I'm not sure why. I'll look into this further...could it have something to do with the r-OSGi in tests running on the same machine (i.e. at different port?). I do see this to the Junit plugin test console:

WARNING: Port 9278 already in use. This instance of R-OSGi is running on port 9279


With the fixes I put in to *not* depend upon having usernames and passwords when not needed these now run OK for me.



It is probably related to the way the tests are executed.

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