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[ecf-dev] Activated APITooling for _all_ ECF


today I've activated APITool for _all_ ECF projects [1][2]. It's
supposed to help us not break API accidentally. You won't see/be affected by it unless you set an API baseline [3] and do a full rebuild. A baseline for ECF 3.0/HEAD is ECF release 2.1, for 2.1 it's 2.0 and so on. Unfortunately due to bug #261788 [6], one can only get ECF (binary) from ECF's update site. Not from zips.

APITooling immediately flagged some problems. Most notably in org.eclipse.ecf.docshare [4] and org.eclipse.ecf.examples.collab [5]. The rest was just missing @since which has already been corrected.



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