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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: [riena-dev] Riena Update

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your comments. I have a question about them. You classify r- osgi as a connection-less provider. I remember that in r-osgi you connect a client container with a server container and that will then trigger some dynamic service proxies to be generated on the client container.

My assumption was that this initial connection is held and also used for the remote service invocation calls itself. Is that an incorrect assumption ? Maybe somebody like you or Jan could clarify that for me.


Am 13.01.2009 um 02:22 schrieb Scott Lewis:

Hi Rieners,

As discussed a week or so ago with Christian, I've produced some
comments about the previously published Riena RemoteServices Goals on a
separate page here:

I placed a link at to the comments at the bottom of the associated Riena
RemoteServices page

If more/other/detail or further discussion is desired about anything,
please let me and others know (on this mailing list and ecf-dev mailing



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