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Re: [ecf-dev] Missing "Send File..." Feature in the ECF "collaboration" View

Hi Bernd,

Bernd Huber wrote:
Hi all,

In the ECF collaboration view the "Send File To ..." and the "Send File To ... and Launch" popup entries
are not available (the are greyed out).

I tried to get them to work by debugging the ECF code, but the code is a bit complicated ;)

Yes, this example code pre-dates the ECF filetransfer API, which simplifies things significantly.

So my question is:

Should those two "Send File..." Popup Entries in the collaboration view work, or are they not implemented yet.

They are/were implemented, but intentionally disabled...due to the potential for abuse given our public server at the Eclipse Foundation.

One desired feature would be to implement the ECF filetransfer API using datashare...and this would then allow the collab example code and any other code based upon the ECF generic provider to use peer-to-peer file transfer. But we have indeed not done this yet.

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