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[ecf-dev] PSF files to VNC plugins in TmL

Title: PSF files to VNC plugins in TmL

Hi Scott,

These are the psf files to get the source code of VNC component.

The file tml-vnc-only-plugins.psf has 3 plugins:
    org.eclipse.tml.protocol - mechanism to implement protocols using extension point to configure them.
    org.eclipse.tml.vncviewer - RFB protocol implementation and SWT component to display the framebuffer content.
    org.eclipse.tml.vncviewer.vncviews - view implementation to provide a VNC connection.

The file tml-vnc-complete.psf includes the feature plugins. These features were create using these rules:
* The protocol can be used standalone.
* The vncviewer is user of protocol. So , there is a dependency between them.
* Finally, the vncviews that encapsulates the view with the other 2.

The file tml-vnc-with-examples.psf includes a echo sample plugin that uses protocol mechanism and the
respective feature. (This is not required to run VNC).

If you have any question, problems or comments please contact us in our mailing list:

Fabio Fantato
TmL Team

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Description: tml-vnc-only-plugins.psf

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