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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF for Platform 3.4.2

Hi Pascal,

There is a 2.0.1 version. Though if possible I would suggest using the ECF 2.1 version which we are releasing next week (24th).

So my questions for you: when is the platform build for 3.4.2? Can ECF 2.1 be used instead (i.e. only the plugins that we are contributing...not all of ECF 2.1)?. This would be more desirable from both our and consumers point of view as we've been applying recent bug fixes to filetransfer providers to 2.1 stream (as well as HEAD). The only significant change for 2.1 over 2.0.1 is the better error code support (i.e. Everything else is completely internal bug fixes.

In any event, please let us know about the timing of things, so we can plan for resources to do the build, get stuff to platform in agreed upon way, etc.


Pascal Rapicault wrote:


The ECF version currently being shipped with the M builds of platform (aka 3.4.x), is the 2.0.0 version dating from June (v20080611-1715, see for the full list) Is there a 2.0.1 version that we should use instead? If so I need to know it quickly so I can request the PMC permission and get an appropriate level of testing.




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