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Re: [ecf-dev] Hi, All

Hi Denys,

We welcome your help!. The Eclipse Foundation has a process for development that includes new folks contributing via bug reports (i.e. testing and finding/reporting bugs, as well as submitting patches for bug fixes). If you would be willing to do this, perhaps we could coordinate your initial testing contributions via a few outstanding ECF enhancement requests/bugs: - [providers] Mac fragment to support skype provider - [skype] win32 fragment does not support 64-bit windows - [providers] Add support in Skype provider for conf creation API - would like more resolution on failure of Skype provider - Can't install Linux Skype feature 2.0.0

After the committers get to know you/your work through your testing/contributions on these (and other) bugs, then you can become a committer if you wish.

If you would add yourself as a cc to these bugs (and perhaps others) we can coordinate your contributions on VoIP/Skype/SIP via these bugs. Also, Marcelo Mayworm (ECF committer) is currently engaged in conversations with the skype4java library author (we are currently using skype4java for our provider) for the Mac support (213942).

Thanks Denys.


Denys Rafael wrote:
Hi, All,

I'm Java Developer, Linux user and I want to join to team for testing (and maybe development, later) VoIP/Skype/SIP functionality.

P.S. Sorry for my English :) my native languages is ukrainian and russian.

Denys Rafael

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