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[ecf-dev] ESE 2008 BOF Notes

Hi ECFers,

This evening (in Germany), ECF had a birds of a feather (BOF) session, and the attendance was good (about 8 non-committers, and 4 committers). Thanks to all for participating.

Below are some of my notes during the call. Others present please feel free to add you own I've surely missed important things.


1) Embedded target communication - doesn't TCF and ECF have a high degree of overlap? Can their be reuse?
2) Jazz Framework - How ECF will work in Jazz framework?
3) How ECF could provide more cohesive development environment?

Several BOF attendees from Smila Project: Looking for framework for remote method invocation,
cross environment (i.e. to native services),

Developing tools suite. Doing basic. IDE for industrial automation. Real-time shared editing for
multi-user IDE.

Anders - Works for ISV in Sweden

Juergen - Smila project team member

Igor - Co-lead of Smila project.

Christian Campo - Riena Project Lead. Scott requested Riena to work with ECF committers to complete a Riena-based ECF remote services provider implementation (it's already started...although in previous version of Riena).
CXF - protocol used for RFC 119 reference impl

Responding to failures, quality of remote service important for remote service.

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