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[ecf-dev] Release 2.1: new branch

Hi Folks,

In preparation for ECF 2.1 (real soon now), and ESE (next week), I've created a new branch for all ECF projects: Release_2_1. This is obviously the release 2.1 branch.

*IF* you have bug fixes that should go into 2.1 please make sure that you commit them to both head AND the Release_2_1 branch.

If, on the other hand, you want to commit changes/additions to HEAD (ECF 3.0 stream), please do so on HEAD only.

For Marcelo's recent work on the docshare usage of sync API we'll probably arrange to merge his changes onto both the Release_2_1 and HEAD.

Ted and I will be working on the automated build changes over the next day so that 2.1 builds are done off of the new branch. The 3.5Daily3.0 build will still be done off of HEAD (now the 3.0 stream).

If you have any questions, please let everyone know on this mailing list.



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