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Re: [ecf-dev] Message bus using ECF

Hi Pedro,

Pinto, Pedro E. (NSN - PT/Amadora) wrote:
I am implementing a p2p message bus over ECF. I'm experimenting with the JGroups provider, but I am having a few problems.
- What is the JGroups ID format?

The JGroupsID has the following syntax:


So the simplest well-formed version of this is:


Which means that the channel name is 'myChannelName', the JGroups stack config file is 'stacks.xml' (the default), and the stack name used within the config file is 'udp'. Other config files and stack names can be used...e.g.


Where udp-sync is a config inside the stacks.xml that comes with jgroups.

I realize that the stackConfigID probably has to be generalized...i.e. to support URL syntax (e.g. http://foo.com/stacks.xml).

- Is there any advantage in using ECF/ActiveMQ/Jgroups versus ECF/JGroups ?

I don't know anything about the ActiveMQ usage of Jgroups so can't really comment. The ECF JGroups provider (directly) is probably a newer version of the one that comes with ActiveMQ JGroups...and the current version of ActiveMQ in the ECF ActiveMQ provider is sort of old (3.1M5).

We probably need to do some updating of the ActiveMQ and the JGroups providers. Is this something you would desire? What version of JGroups are you interested in (actually I don't know now what version JGroups is up to).

For security reasons, my company does not allow access to external CVSs, so I have only access to the binary JGroups provider. Can anyone post a quick example of setting up a communication with JGroups?

To start a jGroups manager as an application:

eclipse -console -application org.eclipse.ecf.server.jgroups.Manager jgroups:///exampleGroup

And the client can connect to exampleGroup via code like this

IContainer container = ContainerFactory.getDefault().createContainer("ecf.jgroups.client");
ID targetID = IDFactory.getDefault().createID(container.getConnectNamespace(),"jgroups:///exampleGroup");

Pedro we have a number of other pieces of test code available in the source code control system...if you want more please let me know and I'll copy other snippets to you. Also LMK and I can produce a zip of the test projects (although not getting from CVS means that they may be quickly stale).

Also...the JGroups provider can use some updating and generalization (e.g. the URL for the stackConfigID)...and I'll be happy to do that work if you are willing to help use and test. Just let me know.



Thank you,

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