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[ecf-dev] Initiating planning for ECF 2.1 and 3.0: PLEASE READ

Happily, with the ECF 2.0.0/Ganymede release we seem to be getting some very positive attention and usage...which, I believe, indicates folks are getting some real value from ECF...even with an essential absence of marketing (or maybe as a result of an absence of marketing ;-). In either event, my congratulations to everyone in the ECF community!

I've started off the planning for 2.1 and ECF 3.0 by creating two wiki pages...BOTH should be considered initial DRAFT (i.e. likely to change in fundamental ways):


Please look at these (and associated bugs/enhancements) and comment on them (on the pages), create links to other pages and/or bugs/enhancement requests, add items, and bring items up for asynchronous discussion on the ecf-dev at mailing list.

These pages are only my initial cut at prioritization...please let your own priorities and desires be known! If you want something specific from ECF over the next year's cycle please speak up. Let's hear from as many as possible!

The next conference call is this Thurs (10) at 11am pacific:

the agenda for that meeting is to discuss planning/priorities for ECF 2.1 and 3.0. I've updated the Google Calendar with the ECF conference call schedule.

Hope to talk with you on Thursday 7/10.


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