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Re: [ecf-dev] RE: ecf-dev Digest, Vol 35, Issue 19

Thanks for your reply. Ok, here is the tricky part of what I am trying to accomplish. Assuming I am using the ECF ActiveMQ provider, and I manage to send a serialized message (ie, maybe using the remote services), but once ActiveMQ receives the message, (for example, the message can be a class like this):

class MessageToSend {
   public String provider = "";
   public String command = "SEND";
   public String message = "hello world";
   public String from = "sender@xxxxxxxxx";
   public String to = "target@xxxxxxxxx";

ActiveMQ needs to instantiate the ECF provider, but ActiveMQ is not running in OSGi mode (ie, it is like a servlet), how can ActiveMQ instantiate the right provider and send the message? Should ActiveMQ make a http call back to a headless Eclipse that has all the ECF provider code? Or should I be running an embedded ActiveMQ broker within the headless Eclipse?

Dicky Johan

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