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[ecf-dev] Re: [Fwd: [CQ 2217] jSLP version 1.0.0.RC4]

Hi David,

David M Williams wrote:

yes, we can.
The harder question is should we? :)

Well, my vote is +1.

The final "R-build" for Ganymede is scheduled to be promoted next Tuesday, June 9th. So if you release by then, it will be in that final R build.

I think this should be doable, but zx and Markus have to do the work (as zx is the Orbit committer and Markus knows what's different in RC4) if they don't think it's doable by Tuesday, June 9th then they should say so.

So, should we? Who are the clients of this bundle, in the Ganymede stack?

We are the only ones that I know of. Markus knows the details of the RC2-RC4 changes...but I think RC4 fixed a number of important bugs, and obviously we would like to have these bugs addressed for ECF's usage of this bundle for Ganymede.

Are they all aware? And in agreement with this change?

Since we are the only ones, the answer to both is 'yes'.

I assume so ... and you were probably just asking me about the mechanics ... but, figure it never hurts to ask.

Of course...understood.


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