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[ecf-dev] Re: Storing/Retrieving user accounts/etc using Equinox secure storage

Hi Oleg,

Oleg Besedin wrote:

Great Scott, thank you for using the secure storage!

A bit of a different perspective that I'd like to explore after Eclipse 3.4 is an introduction of concepts such as "account", "persona", and "role" at the Equinox level. For now we added semi-abstract IPrivateCredential and IPublicCredential that are supposed to be populated by login modules.

Would access to these be via Subject.getPrivateCredentials()/getPublicCredentials?

Such constructs might serve as a logical level abstraction on top of the secure storage - similarly to the new classes you added.

Interesting. Note that ECF's ID interface extends also could be/should be set upon JAAS-based authentication....i.e. subject.getPrincipals().


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