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[ecf-dev] ECF and upcoming E4 Summit

Hi zx and any other ECFers attending the E4 summit,

Although I would like to, I'm not able to attend the E4 summit due to the travel costs.

I would like to ask that those ECF folks that are attending represent ECF at the E4 talks. Particularly WRT to three areas:

0) Architectural Foundations:
1) RCP:
2) Client/Server Split:
3) Sessions, Role-Based Access and Security:

I see that zx is already listed as interested in 0 and 1 (and number of other things), but could you also participate in 2 and 3 as well? I've put a comments on the 2 page about the use of asynchronous messaging and ECF APIs like core/ID, datashare (for async messaging channels) and remote services (for RPC and/or other patterns like futures, callbacks etc. I've also put a comment on 0 about 'Becoming more asynchronous' as per supporting the client/server interactions with ECF.

Thanks.  Have a good time.



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