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Re: [ecf-dev] An ECF feature for the platform?

Hi Pascal,

So let me make sure I understand:

1) You would like an ECF feature that has only the (currently) six plugins that the Platform is using (those that p2 uses) 2) Would you want us to build this feature (as we have been) and produce jars, or would it be built from source by the Platform?

1 is easy to do and can be done very quickly. 2 would take some more time/resources, because we've got lots of other pre-Ganymede things to do for the project with few/no people to do them.


Pascal Rapicault wrote:


Our attempt at requiring the ECF plug-ins instead of including them have caused problems in update manager ( Therefore we would like to know if you guys could create an ECF core feature containing the minimal set of plug-ins needed by p2 that the platform would *require*, thus giving you the ability to change the bits of ECF used by the platform.




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