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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Conference call 5/13/2008

Hi Markus,

It would be possible to have a different time...but the committers need to

1) Speak up with own constraints when asked about day/time
2) Actually attend when we settle on something

Please poll the committers (1) and find a more agreeable day/time for all.

My own constraints:  After 9am PT.   Not on Monday.  Before 9pm PT.


Markus Alexande Kuppe wrote:
Scott Lewis wrote:
To make up for not having one as scheduled last week (5/6/2008) we'll have one Tues 5/13.

See wiki:

Please add items to the agenda as desired.



I won't be able to join.
Might it be possible to have the call on an alternating schedule time wise? I don't exactly know where most of the committers are located, but on the central European end 9:30pm most of the time collides with friends & family.

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