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[ecf-dev] M7 New and Noteworthy

Hi Folks,

M7 is upon us (Monday May 5th) and it's time to produce a New and Noteworthy. If you were responsible for adding some things in M7 that should be in the New and Noteworthy, and have a few minutes would you please either

1) Produce an html snippet (with pictures, example code, and/or links if you like) describing the user or developer-level functionality. I'll merge the snippet into the new and noteworthy. 2) Send a response to this email briefly describing the addition, with links to bugs if appropriate, and I will add it.

Obviously, I would prefer 1, but if 2 is more doable please do that. Remember, M7+1 (May 5) is our API freeze for all plugins other than the ECF core and filetransfer (which are already under API freeze).



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