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Re: [ecf-dev] Google SOC 2008 Proposal Deadline

Hi friend I send my proposal for gsoc... About Gobby implement into eclipse... Using ECF...

but... I see this proposal into fedora project...well I hope help to project ...I use gobby in a software project  last years...

I hope to be elected...


2008/4/7, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Folks,

Today is the deadline for proposals for Google Summer of Code 2008 projects.  If you are a student and are interested in ECF, I encourage you to consider putting together a proposal for participating in GSOC 2008 with an ECF-related project.

Here is a list of ideas and proposals for SOC 2008 projects:

And here are some more ideas...which also include a number of ECF-related projects (at end):

We (the ECF committers) will do all we can to effectively mentor all accepted ECF projects/proposals.  If you produce a proposal, it would be good to identify and contact a prospective mentor if you can.



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