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Re: [ecf-dev] OSGI services on same host but separate VM

Hi Leen,

Leen Toelen wrote:

is it possible to call remote services easily which are running on the
same host but in a separate VM?

Yes...this is done frequently for testing. For example, with the ECF generic provider you can start up a ECF generic server application (application id: org.eclipse.ecf.provider.GenericServer) and then startup up two that is the 'host' of the service (i.e. the peer that is hosting the service), and the other that is the 'client' of the service (i.e. the peer that is accessing/using the service). The two clients have to connect to the server, and at that point the remote service registry entries are replicated to the other client and the other client can then lookup/access the service locally. There are three java vms running all on one machine: server, clientservicehost, clientserviceclient. Any/all of these jvms/processes can be running on a single host or separate hosts.

Other host/process combinations are possible...i.e. it's also possible to run these in the same process (same jvm) as well if desired (we do this for automated testing).

Let's say I want to write an OSGI
based file manager , a browser and a chat client. I would like the
file manager to send files to online contacts, send urls of sites I am
visting from the browser and chat (just imagine :-) ) from the chat
client. My first idea would be to create a "standalone" ecf service
and have the three applications use its services/notifications/etc.

Yes, this is very doable. And the implied server-side work is very much in line with our forthcoming move into the Eclipse Runtime toplevel project. If you are able/willing to discuss this further, I'm sure everyone on this list would be interested in hearing about it...and if you are able/willing to contribute some of the work I'm sure others would be interested as well.



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