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Re: [ecf-dev] Resume and file append

I think both #1 and #3 are good choices. Perhaps I lean more towards #1 since #3 might lead to some confusion. Is it consistent with the start event method or is it a logical continuum? But good documentation will make that clear in any case so it's not a strong argument.

- thomas

Scott Lewis wrote:
Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Scott Lewis wrote:

1) Change the method IIFTRRE.receive(File) to
IIFTRRE.receive(File,boolean append)
OR 2) Add method IIFTRRE.receive(File,boolean append) and leave
receive(File) (and File, FileTransferJob) the same.

I'm sort of inclined to choose '1' even though this is a breaking API
change as going forward this will be simpler.  Any thoughts/comments?

What about #3? Change the behavior of receive(File) to append but also
have receive(File, bool) for people how want to overwrite rather than

Yes, this is a valid option also, although I was thinking that if receive(File,bool) is there it sort of makes receive(File) redundant...but nothing wrong with redundancy redundancy.


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