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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF AIM project for GSoC 2008

Hi Tharindu,

First thanks...for your interest and your willingness to propose a project. I think an AIM provider would be an excellent project. I've been wanting such a provider for a long time.

WRT project expectations for Google Summer of Code can see previous ECF Google Summer of Code projects listed here:

In general, we would *like* to take the results of the GSOC project and incorporate it directly into subsequent releases of ECF (modulo the IP restrictions of using third-party libs, of course). We've had great success with this in the past, and I would like to see it continue with this year's projects.

One of the nice things...I would say, about creating an ECF provider for AIM is that once you do, your code will fit into other ECF/presence API-based applications without any further work on your part. Of course, you may want to build other applications in addition to the ones that already exist.

Are you going to EclipseCon 2008? Perhaps if so we can meet up and talk about this project? Specifically, are you going to the Google Summer of Code BOF?

Below I've attached some references to existing/relevant case you want to dive right in with the code.



Technical/Code References

Anonymous access to ECF core plugins: (via project set file):

Also we have a CVS server at the OSU Open Source Lab or experimental work:

As a general intro to the provider codebase, you might want to look at

1) A trivial provider implementation at this CVS location:


This provider implements the two core ECF extension points: org.eclipse.ecf.namespace (for Namespaces and IDs), and org.eclipse.ecf.containerFactory (for creating instances of IContainer). Your provider implementation (based upon ymcg or other aim library) will also implement these two extension points. You will also need to implement the presence API as an adapter off of IContainer (the IPresenceContainerAdapter in org.eclipse.ecf.presence).
2) There are other providers that implement the presence API...for example:

Yahoo: :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/ecf/plugins/

There are others, so let me know if you are interested in looking at them also.

Tharindu Mathew wrote:

I put up an idea about an IM for Eclipse on the Eclipse GSoC 2008 wiki and was informed about ECF.

I'm interested in contributing to the AIM Provider for the ECF project. I have already downloaded and looked at the sample using YMCG in the article in developerworks.

Still trying to get the hang of ECF, Is there any guidance that you can give about the project expectations?


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