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RE: [ecf-dev] Java5 language features in JUnit tests

> Yes, I agree there are some 1.5 features that would be useful in test code
(as well as regular impl code).  I do wish that Equinox and OSGi would at
least plan for move to 1.5.

The problem is that as long as Sun does not move forward to update the Java
ME part to support rudimental 1.5 features, any move on the SE side to 1.5
would break OSGi away from its original area, which was the embedded
devices. So I really don't hope that this is happening before the CDC
profile gets updated (if it ever gets updated). The big advantage of the
OSGi profiles is that they provide a consistent set of classes among all
platforms and a compliant collection of bundles will normally run on your
CDC-driven cell phone as well as on your large server. 
The other side of the problem is indeed that the more the worlds are
drifting apart and people want to make use of new features in their bundles,
the less they will care about compliance. But this fragmentation of Java is
IMHO mainly caused by Sun's incoherent political decisions, rather than the
OSGi people being behind the state of the art.



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