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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF to move to tools (from technology)

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for comments. 

Jeff McAffer wrote:

Some thoughts

- There is no particular need to move.  Tech does have a little bit of an "incubator" feel but there is nothing in the charter etc that says projects there have to be incubating or are not release ready etc.

This is understood.  I know that the charter says nothing about this, but it would be more about 'street cred'...mostly among corp membership as it would probably be better if we were more difficult to ignore :).

- Much of the desire to be in a particular project should be based on visibility or association.  That is, you want to be with other projects that are related both so that people looking for related things will find you and so the PMC is in tune with your needs and goals etc.

Agreed.  We are working on shared model editors (EMF) and Mylar integration, however, so visibility and association is not necessarily off base for us in tools...especially these days.

- There is a move review process.  It could likely be merged with the release review but it does include some additional information/questions (e.g., the source and destination PMCs have to agree, ...)

Understood.  I haven't contacted John Duimovich (recently) about this, but am going to soon...and the source PMC knows.

But I appreciate the comments...ECF committers...any comments from your chairs?  As far as I'm concerned it's *not* a done deal by any means so any/all comments welcome.



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10/04/2007 11:06 AM

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[ecf-dev] ECF to move to tools (from technology)

Hi Folks,

Now that ECF is past 1.0, we can move to the 'tools' group (with EMF,
Mylyn, etc) and out of the 'technology' group if we prefer.  In fact, we
can do the associated review on Oct 18 along with the 1.2 release
review...if we want to do this.

What are other committers feelings about having the 'move review' on
October 18 along with the 1.2 release review?


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