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[ecf-dev] Status of Bulletin Board API


As you may have noticed, I have not been able to keep up with the ECF schedule with BBAPI. Unfortunately, I have found out that I'm just not that great working in context of a well planned schedule when doing volunteer work. I always keep letting "real life" and work interfere, hehe :)

And at the moment I am not sure if I can start allocating more time for this. So in order to keep the BBAPI component moving along in a faster pace with the rest of ECF, I'd like to ask if anyone has enough free cycles, interest and willingness to take over developing and maintaining BBAPI?

I think it would probably be best if I could finish some of the uncompleted work that is left myself during October, and then hand it over to someone else. I think the API itself is good, but some of the implementation bits may be somewhat ugly or broken and ideally I would like to fix them myself before handing it over. But if anyone wants to take over right now, I would offer any assistance I can. (there are also some changes that I have commited to some time ago, but they are not in the repository yet).

The next step for BBAPI would be creating a usable news/forum reader on top of it. Scott thinks so too. But I am fairly sure that I wouldn't have enough time to keep it moving at an acceptable pace if I tried to do it myself.


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