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[ecf-dev] opening the 2.0 floodgates

Hi Folks,

Here is the *current* ECF roadmap:

Since 1.1 was revoked because we didn't yet have a release review, I propose we simply do the release review with the current state of HEAD, and have that release be 1.2 as scheduled next Friday (Oct 5). In effect, this means that we don't/didn't have a 1.1 release. We will have no more 1.X releases, and will concentrate solely on 2.0 milestone releases as described on the roadmap.

To summarize :)

1) We have a release review next week (week of Oct 1) and call it for 1.2 using the current state of ECF HEAD. This will end the 1.X line (unless we have some severe bug that requires a 1.1.1 maintenance...but we will not plan for that). 2) After that, we open the API floodgates for backward incompatible changes and assume only ECF 2.0 milestones from here on until Ganymede release

Does this work for people?

Any interested parties within community please respond with -1, 0, +1. If -1 please describe what else you require that is not satisfied by this and we'll to the most possible to accomodate.

(As a quick aside/reminder...thanks to work by Ted and Pete, we now have daily integration builds made available for both the and codebases, and so people who need/want those can easily get them).



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