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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Conference Call 9.18.2007

Thanks Remy.

In addition to the whiteboard example app that Remy points to, there is an EMF+GEF-based editor example that was originally done by Boris Bokowski and Peter Nehrer. This didn't have any written documentation that I know of, so I quickly created some:

(I also put a link to this page under "Other" links on the ECF Wiki page)

Note that these projects depend upon EMF/SDO SDK ( and GEF SDK ( as well as ECF. I applied some fixes to these plugins, created a project set file for them, and tested/ran them. Happily they seem to run fine once all plugins are in place, and same-named projects and files created.

See also here for the notes from today's ECF conference call:


Remy Chi Jian Suen wrote:
Hi all,

In the conference call just now, we brought up the possibility of
creating a set of APIs for the purpose of shared editing. Beyond text
editing, ECF actually also has a whiteboard sharing sample

You can find a sample tutorial for setting it up below although some
of the instructions may be out of date.

Looking at the replication of changes / shared editing from an angle
beyond text editing should help us abstract out a well-defined and
flexible API for implementing any sort of session sharing application.

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