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[ecf-dev] [Fwd: server IApplication id change (please read if you are using ECF generic server IApplication)]

Folks, FYI I had intended to copy ecf-dev with this newsgroup posting, but forgot the cc...see below.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: server IApplication id change (please read if you are using ECF generic server IApplication)
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 13:02:32 -0700
From: Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: EclipseCorner
Newsgroups: eclipse.technology.ecf
References: <468C1780.30207@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> <1334544656.2181183591299483.JavaMail.root@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> <f6m106$ka5$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Folks,

As described on this bug:


It seems like it's going to be necessary to change the application id
for the ECF generic server (there are actually two of them now:
org.eclipse.ecf.provider.GenericServer and
org.eclipse.ecf.provider.AppGenericServer because of bug in Equinox).

The reason for this change is that it would be very desirable to get the
generic server app classes *out* of org.eclipse.ecf.provider plugin (so
that we can set it's execution environment to cdc foundation 1.1).  The
natural place for these classes (and the IApplication extension point)
is in org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic.

So why not just make this change?...well, one reason is that it will
mean a change in the generic server application ids that people are
using and therefore a change in the public API...requiring to change
their server invocation.  Fairly small change I would say but will break
existing apps.

So my suggestion to resolving 202100 is that this week (prior to 1.1)
that I

1) move the classes from org.eclipse.ecf.provider.app.* to
2) change the app ids to org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic.GenericServer
3) Eliminate the two IApplications...i.e. go to just GenericServer and
remove AppGenericServer (this will require that people use Equinox 3.3.1
to get appropriate behavior as described in bug
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=193596.  We knew we were
going to do this eventually once the Equinox bug is fixed, and if we do
it now hopefully that will prevent any further changes.

So please, if you have any criticisms or concerns about this approach
please let all know via the bug:



Scott Lewis wrote:
For everyone's info...

The mentioned bug has been fixed and will be in 1.0.1 (7/13/2007).


And new Wiki page documenting this way of starting ECF generic server: http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF_Servers


Alex Blewitt wrote:

Let's move the conversation to the bug report, not the forum.

BTW please don't set 'main'. If you do that, you will only be able to run a single server from the Equinox console, and you might not even be able to do that within an application running on the main thread (e.g. the IDE).

The solution is to add a dependency on to the org.eclispe.runtime bundle, which will ensure that that is started prior to the ECF one.

But like I said, let's discuss this on the bug, not here.