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[ecf-dev] auto building happening on ecf2 ... sign up for ecf-build

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have some auto ecf building going on on ecf2.
It's running 24/7, but I may stop it for a little while every now and then to configure and test it.

Basically what it does now is check CVS every half hour and if there has been a change, it makes a build. These builds are discarded. Then, once a day (right now in mid afternoon PDT so that I can see what is happening but eventually in the early morning hours) it makes a daily build which is available for download. Currently, the download is from ecf2 but that will change soon to be from dev.eclipse.org.

If you want info on these bulids, sign up for the ecf-build mailing list

You'll get notifications of successful builds with what's been changed from the last build as well as a daily notification of where to download the daily build from.
And then look on our wiki. Minimal docs there right now but more to come soon.