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[ecf-dev] Request for suggestion about implementing a shared model

Hi all,
  I need to share a model representing a queue of pending requests in a group 
chat. Moderator should be able to approve/reject requests and modifications 
on his local model should trigger changes in remote hosts too (so users can 
see what is the state).
  Any advice on how should I implement this? Implementing the model as an 
ISharedObject or using the DataShare API? 


Mario Scalas
Ph.D. student
Collaborative Development Group

University of Bari - C.S. Dept.
Via E. Orabona, 4
70125 Bari - ITALY

web: http://cdg.di.uniba.it/scalas/
email: scalas (at) di.uniba.it

"Relax. You don't have to be a great designer --you just have to be creatively 
lazy." (Kent Beck)

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