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[ecf-dev] Finding a running instance

Continuing on a thread with the same name on the equinox-dev mailing list...

We are looking for a lightweight mechanism that will allow one running instance to discover other running instances on the same machine. Ideally, we would have liked to discover _any_ eclipse instance but since no such mechanism is provided with Eclipse (yet), we will have to settle for finding instances where we have presence. From the looks of it, ECF has what we need to do just that and if any service will make it into the platform, I think it will be yours.

Our requirements are very modest. We want to find running instances on the same machine and figure out how they are configured and on what workspace they are running. We will already include the ECF file transfer in our configurations.

Question is, what would be the best approach for us? Do we use the discovery API and the zeroconf implementation? Do we provide our own very simple implementation? Do we need the remote services API? Perhaps we could use a shared object?

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren

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