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[ecf-dev] Europa final daze

Hi ECFers,

Europa release of ECF 1.0.0 is happening on June 29th, and here's the overall Europa release plan


As you can see, we have to do a final build of ECF by Wed 17:00 EDT, at the latest.

So for ECF I would like us to limit checkins to:

Mon (25) - Critical/blocker bugs (if any) and documentation
Tues (26) - Documentation fixes only
Wed (27) - Noon EDT.  No checkins after this.

Of course, it will still be possible to work on the wiki contents, plugins (Skype, JMS, Yahoo) at ecf1.osuosl.org and/or work that is not being deployed with this release (e.g. bbapi, cola, share code, jingle, jxta, sudoku, etc) so please don't let the Europa train hold you back.

Thanks to all...committers, contributors, and broader community for supporting ECF. I'm looking forward to being past 1.0.0 and I hope you are too.