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[ecf-dev] ECF RC4+1

Hi Folks,

I'm about to do a build for ECF RC4+1 (2:15pm pacific time 6/20/2007):


Committers: After this milestone, until Europa release (June 29th), please *only* checkin additions or changes to:

1) Documentation (i.e. stuff in org.eclipse.ecf.docs, website or wiki)...any contributions welcome here...but please coordinate with others via ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

2) Bug fixes or enhnancements that
    a) have a bug report in bugzilla
    and b) are marked either 'critical' or 'blocker'

3) Work on ECF plugins that are not part of Europa release (e.g. Skype, Yahoo, JMS, Cola, BBAPI, ShareCode)

Please *do not* make changes to the code without filing a bug and marking it as critical as per '2'.

BTW, for those interested, I put ECF on 'ohloh': http://www.ohloh.net/projects/5645. Committers please consider signing up and your 'bubble' will appear on the "Activity Map" under contributors tab.

Thanks Much.